Our Services

Oliveira Wood Flooring offers a complete range of flooring services to fit your every need. We employ the finest in dust collection technology, making us one of the only contractors in the area that is truly 99.9% sand- and dust-free. We offer a wide array of flooring choices and finishes, including:

Hardwood Installations

Prefinished: These micro beveled edges come already finished, require no sanding, and allow for quicker job completion.

Unfinished: These installations use non-beveled edges and are dust-less sanded on site, allowing for personalized flooring and custom looks.

Dustless Floor Sanding

Our dustless floor sanding vacuum utilizes a powerful engine mounted inside our trailer. The engine creates a powerful vacuum which is connected through hoses to the sanding equipment inside. As the floors are sanded, the dust is captured & evacuated before it gets airborne. No dust, No expensive clean up required when we leave. It’s never been easier to refinish your floors.

Sand-less Hardwood Cleaning and Recoating

If your floor’s finish is not completely worn down, recoating can delay the need for complete resanding and refinishing to restore the beauty of your floor. A “buff and recoat” approach prepares the floor surface by abrading or roughing the existing finish to ensure adhesion of another coat of finish. The process is simple, relatively fast, and less expensive than a full refinishing.

Hardwood Repairs

Hardwood floors repairs are needed when your wood floors look a little dull or have spots where the wood has worn down. Although wood is durable, hardwood floors are subject to wear and tear just like almost every other flooring material. Whether they squeak when you walk over them or they look dull and dated, your hardwood can be brought back to life.

Custom Work

Have any custom projects we have not mentioned above? We are a team of workers with a variety of skills who want to help you create your dream home. To contact us click here